About me, the Artist

My name is Susana. I’m a blessed child of God! And I’m on a joyful journey to explore a God-given gift and bring my lifelong dream of being an Artist to reality.

The 2 mediums I work in are:

  • Painting:       acrylic paint on canvas
  • Drawing:       graphite pencils on paper

To get to where I am now, we have to go back a few decades. I grew up in a small Low-German Mennonite community in Mexico with little to no concept of the “outside” world.  Since there was no television and very few picture books, my artistic visualizations could only be created in my mind.  The only art available to me was a new coloring book once a year as a gift and a limited box of wax crayons.  Every Christmas I eagerly anticipated the coloring book and it was always my most treasured possession!   After all the pages had been filled in, during the rest of the year I would trace the original image on a blank paper so I could color it again and again.  The sacred crayons allowed me to add a mix of colors to the lifeless little story that some drawer had created on each page.  As a child I was always fascinated about how the pictures were drawn.  This inspired the dream of, one day, drawing pictures for coloring books so other children could have the joy of filling the outlined drawings I created with any color of their choice in any way they desire.  With a precious pencil or pen and a blank sheet of paper, I began transferring the images from my mind into existence.  I drew anything my creative little mind showed me.  Figures, faces, animals, birds, houses and nature.  My family and I have shared many laughs over my funny doodles and scribbles.

Here are a few pictures I drew as a kid in the 1980’s…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I came to Canada in 2001, leaving everything behind. In about 2004 I found out that some of my drawings from when I was about 14 to 20 years old were eventually put in coloring books.  The excitement of seeing my drawings in children’s coloring books kept my dream of being an artist alive in the back of my mind…just on hold.

While in Canada, I had to overcome many challenges by learning English completely self-taught with very little education as a child and hardly any reading or writing skills. Years later, in 2013, I decided to purchase some inexpensive Art paint, paper pads and a few little paintbrushes.  I still had no idea where to start or what to do.  So, I began to paint and when I looked at my work I thought “this is not working!” Being frustrated but not wanting to give up, I turned to the internet and looked up many great painting videos on YouTube.  Watching other people paint and seeing their artwork unfold was extremely inspirational!  I began to feel more confident and kept practicing with what I picked up from the videos.  After learning that I could use reference photos as a guide, nothing could stop me now.  I realized pretty quickly that, for a better outcome, I needed to invest in higher quality art supplies.  I have never taken any art classes and don’t own any art books.  The best way for me to learn and grow as an artist is by practicing on my own through many trials and errors.  I guess I’m a self-taught artist who continues to improve by experimenting!

When I look at a blank paper or a blank canvas, endless possibilities and pictures come to my mind. Who knew something blank could give such excitement!  And now I am happy to share my journey, and my excitement, with you.  If you are interested in commissioning a piece of work, please contact me.

Thank you for visiting my website!



Copyright 2017 © Susana Fine Art

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